Ankarage Braided Wig for Black Women Micro Million Twist Wig Braids Wig Color 1 Jet Black Front View
Ankarage Braided Wig for Black Women Micro Million Twist Wig Braids Wig Color 1 Jet Black Side View
Ankarage Braided Wig for Black Women Micro Million Twist Wig Braids Wig Color 1 Jet Black Back View


Micro Million Twist Braided Wig- Jet Black 22 Inches

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  • HANDMADE BRAIDED WIG - This unit is hand braided in Nigeria just like your favorite African Hair Braiding Salon so this unit is very durable and realistic unlike machine-made braided wigs.
  • FAST AND PERFECT PROTECTIVE STYLE - Our braided wig features a lace closure and adjustable straps so you can wear your wig and be out of the door in less than a minute. No need to lay down any baby hairs.
  • STRESS-FREE WIG COVERAGE - Our brand has been trusted by women with hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia & other conditions.
  • DURABLE AND CRAFTED TO LAST - Our braided wigs are durable and can last up to two years with proper care. Care instructions are shipped with each braided wig unit. Imagine owning a braided wig for two years for less than what you pay for one install at the beauty salon.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - Ankarage braided wigs are backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back hassle free.

Ankarage handmade braided wig is here to help you rock your favorite African Hair Braiding looks and protective styles this summer without sitting for hours at the beauty salon, all while saving your edges. This realistic 22 inch jet black micro million braid wig is hand braided and will have you turning heads. Ankarage handmade braided wigs are made with light synthetic Kanekolan fibers, making it our preferred braiding extension choice due to its lightness and silkiness. Our hand braided wigs are made in Nigeria while honoring the ancient art of African hair braiding. These wigs are the latest craze across Africa as people are loving the ease and authenticity of braided wigs. Yes, really! Our braided wigs with lace closure look so real to the extent it will have people asking you "where did you get your hair braided" and "how long did you have to sit for that" and it's up to you if you want to let the cat out of the bag that it's a wig. Please note that this unit will arrive longer than 22 inches. The hair is braided for 22 inches but the tips are included to allow you to cut it to your desired length. Most people keep it as is which allows you to periodically trim the ends per the care instructions included in the package. Thank you for trusting Ankarage.


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