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First Time In Lagos? 10 Things You Should Do!

Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge - Photo Source: Youtube Lagos is a snug city, absolutely endearing and charming. It is a city exquisitely unique in its composition, alignment, and lifestyle that there isn’t another in the world that comes close to offering the thrills and experiences it promises. Generally a great place to be, Lagos will grow quickly on you, so much that when you learn to shut out the occasional offensive amusements, you are likely to have a difficult time letting go. Like the popular Eko crooner, Brymo sang – “Eko! Love you, never let you go.” This is one city with so much boundless energy; you will find it as infuriating as it is exciting. There’s no such thing as...

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How To Pack Light For a Weekend Getaway

It’s that time of the year for spontaneous travels and short trips. It’s quite easy to get lost in the frenzy of packing and end up with a bulky luggage filled with items you’d never use on your trip. But what if you could actually travel light and not have to worry about leaving out your essentials? What if you could balance both sides? Featured Ankarage top: Radhiya Off Shoulder Floral Top Yes, we know that sounds daunting, especially if you are a habitual over packer. However, we believe you can get through a whole weekend—at the beach, in the country, or in the city—with no more than necessary clothing pieces. But how do you ensure that you bring enough...

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