How To Style Your African Print Clothing

African Prints rarely go out of style, but there is such a thing as a bland and repetitive way of styling them. This is probably one of the reasons you incorporated African Prints in your wardrobe - you needed to switch up and stay in style.

But then what happens when you've seemingly explored every direction and nothing seems to come to you anymore? Or, you might be new to the game and have little or no idea how to go about this whole styling business.

We have put together some tips to help you style your African fabrics better and come across as a stylish Amazon:

1. Pair with soft and neutral colors. Most African prints come with a range of colors and so may not do well with a splurge of colors when it comes to pairing them. So, if you want to pair your African print with another piece, tone down the energy with some pastel colors; you can never go wrong with white and black. Denim shades are a sure bet for those quick evening and/or weekend outings.

Soft Ankara Look - Ankarage                              Soft Ankara Look - Photo Source: 




2. Accessorize Lightly: With most African fabrics, you really do not have to go overboard with your accessorizing. Style effortlessly with items in your closet, incorporate your accessories into your style and make them work for you. Work with your current accessories; from your hats to your bags, head wraps, shoes and jewelries – fit them in nicely. In all of this, simplicity is the way to go; remember less is always more.

Ankara/Accessories - Ankarage Simplicity Is Class - Photo Source: Pinterest

3. Find the right style for your body shape: This is very important, visit with your stylist and be sure to get the right and complimentary style for your body shape. As with most apparel, knowing which one works for your body makes you come across as a great fashionista, and so you want to stick with what works. Also, if you are keeping it safe, you can always go with dresses; they are great for almost all shapes and you can pair them with almost anything and still manage to achieve outstanding results.

Ankara Body Type - AnkarageDress For Your Body Type - Photo Source:

4. Go easy on the details: It is often said that the vivacity of most African prints is in the detailing but you also do not want to overdo this. From your frills, patterns, embroidery, and so on, you want to make sure you don’t lose touch with your theme and end up going overboard. Again, simplicity is key, plus it makes for a much easier way of caring for your African fabrics.

Ankara Details -AnkarageEasy on the details - Photo Source: Instagram

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