How To Pack Light For a Weekend Getaway

It’s that time of the year for spontaneous travels and short trips. It’s quite easy to get lost in the frenzy of packing and end up with a bulky luggage filled with items you’d never use on your trip. But what if you could actually travel light and not have to worry about leaving out your essentials? What if you could balance both sides?

Ankarage Provides tips on How To Pack Light For a Weekend Getaway
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Yes, we know that sounds daunting, especially if you are a habitual over packer. However, we believe you can get through a whole weekend—at the beach, in the country, or in the city—with no more than necessary clothing pieces. But how do you ensure that you bring enough clothing to see you through all the setups and also avoid lugging around an extensive wardrobe? Check out the tips below:
  • Choose Your Luggage Right: Whether carry-on suitcases or weekender bags, you want to go with a luggage that’s designed to hold odd-shaped items like umbrellas, torchlights, books, etc. conveniently. Maybe something with a few compartments to hold your underwear, make-up bag, and hair essentials. Another important factor is the fit of the luggage, be deliberate about choosing a luggage that can be easily fitted almost in every corner.
  • Focus On The Important Things: From your passport, credit cards, medications and maybe laptops/notepads, you want to make sure you have these packed first. Think about the heavy duty on a colossal luggage. Even if yours is a road trip, you want to be free and unburdened enough to enjoy the journey. Never fret on items that can be purchased later if left behind. Plus, leaving some things behind intentionally lets you focus on the most important things, to which you can always add the not so important ones when you’re done, if you’ve got the space for them.
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  • Do Your Research: It is very important to find out beforehand the kind of activities you’d be involved in on your trip, which should in turn guide your choice of clothing. Also, you should check the weather forecast of your destination to help you pack accordingly and avoid surprises.
  • Always Prioritize Comfort Over Fashion: Another major key to ensure you pack light is rationalizing your list to spotlight comfort over fashion. This is no way suggesting that you compromise on your personal style, but it is more advisable to go for the comfortable yet stylish items you have.

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  • Select Versatile Items: From your clothes to your shoes, and even jewelries, choose items that can easily be matched with other items in your luggage. This allows for ingenious swaps and less struggle to fit in more items into your already full luggage. Pick out two well-chosen pairs of shoes—one that can serve you through the day and another to double as flip flops/mules, four unique wardrobe items that allows for easy mix and styling—and you’re good to go.
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  • Accessorize Your Way Out:Another important tip to keeping your carry-on handy and in shape is a fabulous selection of accessories to brighten and vary your look. A little old jewelry can add the pop of color to a simple black dress, a scarf can help give that same dress a whole new look, and maybe some rings and a bracelet to reinforce your style game.
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  • Go Light: This is generally the most important rule unembroidered. We almost always have an idea of the things we’ll not need, but we go on packing anyway. Stop making a habit of bringing along everything you may need, stay true to yourself and go with the things you know you will need, weekend getaways are about enjoying life and getting some rest.

These are our nifty tips for packing light for weekend getaways. Got any special tip(s) that works for you? Share your insights by leaving a comment below.


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