A Step By Step Guide To Styling A Perfect Headwrap + 3 Of Our Favorite Headwrap Tutorial

Head wraps are no longer just fashion accessories, they have become fashion statements on their own. Whether African Prints, Chiffon or Satin head wrap, they have all evolved to become a necessity in every closet over the years. Women all over the world, regardless of their race and heritage now favor head wraps, rocking various animated wraps, creating their unique styles, and looking fabulous. Even celebrated acts like Eva Mendes, Solange Knowles and Erykah Badu have also been known to rock quaint head wraps occasionally.

Erykay Badu in a Nefertiti Styled Wrap

Erykay Badu in a Nefertiti Styled Wrap - Photo Source: Urbangyal.com

What started as an attempt to wrap one’s hair in order to deal with a bad hair day, or to avoid superfluous exposure for those keeping their mane natural has now become a huge and appreciated trend. African print head wraps most especially have become very trendy, and are the ultimate fashionable items to add to any outfit to give you that Afrocentric hint. Furthermore, the head wrap is more than a head piece to the African woman; it is a symbol of modesty, spirituality, and more recently, a cultural fashion identity/statement. It is largely worn in different parts of Africa and goes by different monikers depending on the region. It is largely known as Gele in the Yoruba part of Nigeria, and Dhuku according to the Twi language in Ghana. Generally, the adoption of head wraps amongst African women has been said to date back to the early 1800s and continues to exist as a sensation. 

 Cultural Vibes - Ankarage

Cultural Vibes - Photo Source: Instagram I @sagaleeyaa

If you've ever wondered how to style the perfect head wrap, you have no further need for that as we have put together 7 key steps to achieving most head wrap styles just for you, whether the front high bun, the Wrapunzel Braided Tichel, the sophisticated knot or the Nefertiti wrap, we have you covered. Take the steps listed below and you are good to go:

Head Wrap Guide

Head Wrap Guide - Photo Source: Pinterest

Step 1: Always start by tying your hair into a high knot, cornrows or any slicked-back style, depending on the style you're going; you don’t want your hair getting in the way.

Step 2: Adjust head wrap for perfect size. You could also make the two sides even/uneven.

Step 3: Place head wrap around the back of your head, ensuring that the fabric is dropped to cover the nape of your neck.

Step 4: Pull the ends from each side towards the front (or wherever you want the bun).

Step 5: Tie the wrap into a knot at the place where they meet.

Step 6: From here on, whatever you do depends solely on the style you’re looking to achieve. You can pull the two ends together in a twist creating one spiral twine to get the Spiral Headband style or you can fold the fabric until it creates an oversized bow to get the Gigantic Bow. 

Step 7: Always hide the ends of your wrap by tucking them into the creases or folds to give a neat finishing.

Also, I recently came across some exceptional head wrap tutorial videos on Youtube, and three were quite noteworthy for me; you might want to binge on them at your leisure:

1. This 9 minutes video shares 4 to 5 chic ways to tie a head wrap. From the minimalist style to the front bun and the swoopy turban style, you would love everything here.

2. Now this is my favorite, not just because the fabrics used here are from our store, but because it caters to the needs of the Short Natural haired.

3. The fabrics in this video are so colorful, you might lose yourself to admiring their beauty when you should be watching how to achieve the different styles.


Now while you may need to try these techniques consistently to get the desired style, these guides/tutorials can save your life like they have mine on those occasions when I'm having a bad hair day or I just want to add that touch of afrocentrism.

Are you an avid fan of head wraps, or do you just admire them from afar? Do share your favorite style with us in the comment section or tag us on your try-outs on Instagram.

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